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Making small businesses more accessible with mobile card readers

These days, when you need to pay for something, you’re most likely going to open your wallet, pull out a card and slap it on or in the mobile card reader in front of you. This process has become second-nature to most of us.

But when it comes to many small businesses – like tradespeople or market stall operators – using a mobile card reader to charge a customer is still a new (and potentially off-putting) concept.

The convenience of a mobile card reader

Mobile card readers offer a modern way for businesses to receive payments, and cards are fast becoming the preferred way to pay for transactions. In the third quarter of 2016, more than 77% of all retail transactions were made on debit or credit cards.

This trend is likely to continue as technology advances, making it vital for businesses to find the right mobile card reader for them – And that includes the smaller businesses that either usually deal in cash or invoicing. Simply put, businesses need to keep up with the times.

But which one to choose?

The increase in demand for mobile card readers has meant that the number of providers has balloned. Well-known names and brands, like PayPal, have made the market more accessible, but they may not offer your business the lowest costs or highest returns.

They probably come with extra equipment, too, like a separate mobile card reader. But why bog yourself down with extra equipment when you can just use your smartphone?

A new kind of mobile card reader

SmartTrade App offers a new way of taking advantage of modern technology while also keeping things simple – The only piece of equipment you need is your phone. It offers your clients the convenience of making payments with a mobile card reader without the hassle of needing extra equipment.

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