Intuit Pay to Be Discontinued – Are You Prepared?

Intuit’s payments platform, Intuit GoPayment, is going away in December. You can use the card reader until the 15th, and the website for a short time after that, but by the end of the year, you should be ready to find yourself a new payment solution.

Of course, Intuit would like you to choose their new payments solution, QuickBooks Payments. Seems like a pretty reasonable idea until you find out that QuickBooks doesn’t have a card reader.

Here’s what Intuit says: “QuickBooks Payments does not currently offer a chip-and-PIN card reader for ‘card present’ payments so you will need to make alternative arrangements if this is important to your business.”

For most small businesses, that’s very important, which means QuickBooks is no longer a viable option. This is especially true for business owners who have to travel—plumbers, electricians, builders, decorators, and many others often need to take a payment while they’re at a client’s home or business.

Which makes SmartTrade the obvious choice. The app is free, we have some of the lowest transaction rates in the business, and our online dashboard gives you the tools you need to manage your entire business.

And we won’t be discontinuing our service anytime soon.

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