Introducing: Customer Notes

Maggi,  August 15, 2016

SmartTrade App is not only a debit and credit card reader it also acts as a sales and business management tool for you and your team. There are also powerful Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) features in the app and online Web Dashboard for keeping organised.

You can add notes to jobs which can be displayed on invoices/quotes for customers or for your own records.

introducing customer notes

But now, you can also Add Customer Notes!

smarttrade app customer notes

So, if you want to record feedback or other important information about your customers, you can.

Following up on a job? See previous notes about the customer.

If one of your team members are following up with the same customer, they will also be able to see any notes/feedback that you leave on the customer record.

smarttrade app customers

JJust go to Customers, add a customer, select the customer profile and add Customer Notes from there!

customer notes in smarttrade app

This feature is part of our 5.8.2 release so make sure to update your app in the app stores to get access. Login or signup now.

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