How SmartTrade App Coined “APOS”

Maggi,  October 6, 2017

If you’ve read some of our previous blogs, you may have caught wind of something we released in January, 2017, called “6 Reasons for why you need APOS.” What is obvious from the post is that APOS (Application Point Of Sale) has certainly become something real, but what you may not know is that before this was released APOS was just an abbreviation thrown around informally in the SmartTrade App offices!

However, ever since we wrote the post and subtly started introducing APOS as a legitimate industry term, not only have we received positive responses, we have started hearing it mentioned in meetings with no prior build up to the term being used.

What this means

Aside from feeling a certain sense of pride from having coined a new industry term, in the direction the market is going, this also means SmartTrade App is onto something real and recognisable by industry professionals. We have gone from having to explain time and time again why it’s 100% safe to scan someone’s card, and why taking payments through an app is no more of a risk than if you had an attached, physical card reader; to now having the entire industry recognise an Application as a POS (Point Of Sale) as a legitimate method of collecting customer debit- and credit card payments.

We look forward to continue educating the world on the world of payments and expanding the reach of APOS to something recognised in all corners of the world.

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