How are we doing?

Maggi,  September 15, 2014

This is just a quick update to all our merchants, followers and supporters.

We’ve had a solid last few months as we gear up to our new release of the new v3 iPhone App, and at last (!) the new v3 Android app, and also a totally new Web Dashboard, in the next few weeks. We’ve basically rebuilt the product based on your feedback so its easier and quicker. You will love it.

SmartTrade is now used by tradesmen such as plumbers, electricians, builders as well as small business owners such as bike distributors, yoga teachers, chiropodists, accommodation services, personal trainers, interior designers, locksmiths, B&Bs and freelancers.

SmartTrade helps you get your passion back to your business by giving you easier ways to get paid and automate all the boring stuff. All that daily admin drains your energy. Now SmartTrade automates most of it. SmartTrade will make you more profitable and happier without working harder.

SmartTrade is the future of Small Business business apps.

Please email ustweet us your thoughts ideas, needs and support.

Good luck with your trade!


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