Going Paperless With a Mobile Card Reader

Why mobile card readers are increasingly important to your business

When mobile card readers first came out, they were slow, cumbersome, and would often have connectivity issues. Some businesses were either put off by these issues, didn’t think a mobile card reader was something their business needed, or simply didn’t want to use the technology itself. But burying your head in the sand isn’t really an option these days.

The technology behind card readers has advanced dramatically in the last decade, meaning they’re reliable, fast, and easy-to-use. Because of this, they’ve become increasingly popular with businesses and consumers alike.

The advantages of mobile card readers

Card readers have several advantages over cash payments. Card payments are immediate and go straight to your account instead of having to be deposited. You don’t have to pay someone to count the card payment, unlike cash. And card payments are more secure than cash, protecting you and your customers as well as hindering potential thieves.

There’s a lot of mobile card readers out there, so the next step is finding out which is right for your business. You can check out our comparison page here for a hand with this.

What about card payment apps?

Card payment apps, like SmartTrade App, have an edge over the more traditional mobile card readers out there. You don’t need a card reader or extra equipment – All you need is your smartphone. There are those who offer card readers and will tell you all you need is an app to take payments, but this is unfortunately not the case. SmartTrade App is the only app only (APOS) card reader in the UK market to date. They also give you the ability to make your business entirely paperless.

SmartTrade App incorporates invoicing and accounting systems, meaning you can email your quotes and invoices to customers, as well as take card payments instantly.

Saving your business time and money

Innovations, like mobile card readers and card payment apps, are designed to make life easier. By taking your business paperless and using the smartphone you already have, you can be more efficient and cost-effective.

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