Getting Paid in 2017

The staple way to get paid as a small business has been the same for ages – As a trade person, you do the work, write up an invoice, send it and wait for the money to come in. Or if you’re selling a product, the buyer pays you and can then walk away with their purchase. But the modern world has seen a shift from all the paper trails we know, including invoices and cash.The rise of debit and credit card payments

It’s been nearly 70 years since the first credit card came into being. In that time, they (and their offspring, the debit card) have become one of the most common ways to pay for goods and services, even outpacing humanity’s traditional go-to payment method, cash. These days, people might leave the house without any cash, but they’ll always have their card on them.

Keeping up with card readers

This rise in the popularity of mobile card readers means businesses that used to rely on more antiquated payment methods are starting to be left behind. Market stalls without a card reader may lose sales because people don’t have cash on them and trades people may have to wait for clients to FINALLY get around to opening their invoice and remembering to pay it. But having a way to charge people on their debit and credit cards means businesses can keep up with the times, and this technology can be a lot cheaper and easier to use than people think.

Get paid the new way

Finding a credit or debit card reader is easy, but finding the right card reader for your business can make all the difference. If you can take credit and debit card payments with your smartphone, then you’re not only getting paid securely and efficiently, but you’re also cutting down on unnecessary equipment.

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