Ever turned down a job due to lack of equipment?

It’s certainly not an uncommon phenomenon that smaller businesses often get the short end of the stick simply because they don’t have the same equipment stash or liquidity as we see in the massive market players. SmartTrade App has been there in the world of payments processing, and the same is true in trade and construction. Once contracts reach a certain magnitude, one-man-bands and smaller teams may have to turn it down, even if they win the bid, solely on the base of not having the right equipment. Not to mention, if you need 6 massive pieces of equipment for 1 week each, it simply isn’t a viable option to buy them all. Luckily, now you no longer have to.

How we can help you

Here at SmartTrade we always look for ways to help our merchants. We’ll provide all the payment, invoicing and team management facilities, but there are still many areas of running a business we simply can’t cover.

Luckily there are companies like YardLynk out there who can deal with the areas SmartTrade isn’t involved in. In this case, construction equipment rental. YardLynk have developed a booking platform consisting of all the construction equipment you could possibly need to fulfill any contract. They only work with trusted suppliers to make sure the equipment you get is as advertised, functional and actually gets delivered to you when you booked it.

The new age of trade

With companies like YardLynk and SmartTrade App on your team, you can essentially run a completely asset-less business and become the Uber of construction workers. All you need is your phone to run your business, take payments, manage clients and book whatever equipment you need to complete a job. Welcome to being a tradesman in the 21st century!

If you’d like to have a look at YardLynk’s inventory, just have a look at their website by clicking here.

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