Do Business the British Way

In Britain, we’re famous for doing things the British way. We’re unhurried, calm people, and we take the time to think things through. We aren’t known for being fancy and flashy—we’re hardworking, honest people, and we value a good day’s work.

If you’ve ever had French cuisine, you know that it’s all about presentation: you get a huge plate with a tiny piece of food and a drizzle of fancy sauce. It comes with a sprig of parsley for garnish and at least five pieces of silverware. You get two glasses and a cloth napkin. Here, we go for substance. A delicious basket of fish and chips wrapped in newspaper and a honest pint of ale.

That’s how we believe running your business should be. No flash—just substance. That’s the kind of British sensibility we had in mind when we created SmartTrade App. We didn’t fill it with bells and whistles; we just gave it the features you need to run a successful business.

SmartTrade App is a mobile payment app that lets you take credit and debit card payments from your just your Smartphone. It has the things you need: the ability to take payments on the go or online, instant customer receipts, an online dashboard that lets you manage your customer list and sort your tax information, a system for allowing customers to approve quotes online, and a host of other features that make running your business easier.

And it doesn’t come with anything you don’t need. You don’t have to invest in any hardware at all— no credit card reader required — just use the camera on your Smartphone to capture your customer’s credit card, or type it in by hand. No need for a merchant account, either! Just sign up with your current account and you can start taking payments in a few minutes. We also cut out the high transaction fees—you just pay 2.65% + 20p for credit card transactions.

Mobile credit card readers can be a big hassle when they come with features that you don’t need. We like things a certain way in Britain: simple and effective. That’s what you’ll get with SmartTrade App.

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