Credit Card Readers Are Stupid

It’s true. They’re really, truly stupid. But the good news is that you don’t have to use them anymore!

Why are Credit Card readers stupid? They used to be big, clunky, and require annoying paper rolls. The newer ones are too small, and the fittings are prone to breakage. They’re hard to use. Between buying the reader and paying for a contract service, they’re expensive. You often need to sign a contract and get a merchant account at the bank to use them. And all they can do is read cards.

If you own your own business, you need an easy way to send invoices, keep track of jobs, accept payments, and deal with other administrative stuff while you’re on the move. You need to send quotes to customers to have them approved before you start a job. And you need to be able to review your jobs and transactions when you’re back in the office to stay organized. And card readers can’t help you with any of that! Fortunately, SmartTrade can.

SmartTrade is a free mobile payment app for iPhone and Android that lets you take card payments quickly and easily just by snapping a photo of the debit or credit card your customer wants to use.

SmartTrade also lets you create quotes, invoices, and receipts; manage jobs and payments online; take card payments over the phone; and easily keep your financial information organised. No need to wait for a merchant account, buy a card reader, pay exorbitant fees, or deal with extra paperwork.

You can even access SmartTrade from your desktop to manage quotes, billing, accounts, and taxes. No more trying to remember where you put your invoices and receipts!

SmartTrade lets you do all of this and more from your phone and your online account, letting you focus on what you do best: make customers happy. Managing a small business used to be complicated and difficult—now it’s simple and easy. The mobile payment app is free, payments are charged at only 2.65% + 20p, and you can get all of the extras in the online dashboard for just £19 per month.

Credit Card readers are stupid. SmartTrade is . . . well, smart! Learn moreabout our amazing features here or signup now.

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