Credit Card Readers and How to Choose Yours

Your business is growing. People want to pay by credit cards, but you don’t have a credit card reader to accept it. After enough request you decide on the inevitable and start looking around for something to use for those customers unwilling to whip up cash. So you do what everyone else would do:

“Google Search: Credit Card Readers”

The first thing you’ll experience is an Ad attack from all the huge players in the market; players like WorldPayPayPal and other card reader comparison pages trying to show you what to buy and from whom (with payment providers paying a lot of money if you leave your information with them). The next thing you might notice is a lot of text, numbers and pictures of credit cards and the readers they are accompanied by, which you are then meant to purchase.

So what’s the Problem?

Well, for starters, a card reader which requires two hands to hold seems highly inconvenient. The hardware breaks down and even gets lost. After all, you’re a small business and don’t require the same hardware as Primark on a Saturday afternoon. So you venture another search more suited to your needs:

“Google Search: Mobile Credit Card Readers”

The same advertising will still punch you in the face at first, but now when you scroll down, you start seeing company names like SumUpiZettle and SmartTrade App; not just the global conglomerates who only offer intricate soft- and hardware packages for which you must pay with your left foot and most of your right arm.

What do I Need?

After rigorous browsing and searching, you know now that you need something mobile, cost efficient and reliable. Then again, how do you weigh the qualities of each provider? I mean who hasn’t heard about PayPal, but for card readers? Then again, with my volume SumUp are at a lower rate? However it’s a flat rate, do I want a credit/debit split? What is this interchange rate I’ve seen in the past? With SmartTrade App do I really not need a card reader at all? What if my volume changes from £2000/month to £3000/month? Does that warrant a monthly fee for a lower rate? And if so whose rate is lower compared to fee accounting for my volume? And on… and on… and on…


If you aren’t, I can assure you; you are way ahead of the curve. If you know exactly what you need, you are in the top 1% of small businesses as far as knowledge about payment processing goes. Then again if you are in the remaining 99% who hasn’t worked with processing card payments in the past, then you probably don’t want to learn everything from scratch now. Nor should you have to.

To make your life easier, the team here at SmartTrade App compared all the most applicable credit card reader providers in the market for small businesses such as yourself. There is a simple table summing up hours of research, so you don’t have to spend your time doing it yourself. Of course, if you get into it and want to learn more we have also filled in some gaps with text below our comparison. Click here to see for yourself, which card payments solution is best for your business.

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