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Cheaper Transactions and New Payment Methods

Maggi,  October 17, 2018

That’s right, SimplyPayMe is about to undergo a comprehensive upgrade. Through a series of partnerships and almost an entire year of developments, we’re about to re-launch our application and website to offer our existing and new customers something never-before seen in the mobile payments space. Before I go in depth of what we’re offering, just […]

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How Will EU’s Card Surcharge Ban Affect UK Small Businesses

Maggi,  October 23, 2017

Card payments are overtaking cash payments in the UK with card and contactless payments proving more popular than cash this year, making up 54% of total spending in 2016. The Payment Services Directive, called PSD2, coming into force by 2018, has made it illegal for businesses to charge extra for using a debit or credit […]

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What is aPOS – Application Point of Sale?

Maggi,  October 2, 2017

Application Point of Sale (aPOS) is defined as a software or application which performs the same functions as that of a physical cash register or traditional Point of Sale (POS). aPOS differs from Mobile Points of Sale (mPOS) in that it does not require any additional hardware such as a card reader in order to […]

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Get Paid on Time With a Card Payment App

Maggi,  July 24, 2017

Card payment apps mean you get paid faster If you’re looking to get paid on time, it could be time to look at a card payment app. Small to medium businesses, especially traditional ones like the trades, rely on getting paid on time. But one of the biggest problems that many companies encounter is clients […]

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What’s the Next Step in Payment Technology?

Maggi,  August 27, 2015

The mobile payment scene is changing quickly—it seems like there’s a new company and a new payment method on the scene every week. So where’s it all going? What are we heading towards? A recent release by the Japanese company NTT Docomo got me thinking about this question. They recently revealed a phone called the Arrows […]

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Use Our Web Dashboard to Run Your Business—Free!

Maggi,  March 18, 2015

Every small business needs a central place to see how things are going: how much they’ve made this year, whether it’s been a good month, how much money they’re owed, and other financial information. There are a number of expensive options for these business dashboards—but we offer one for free! The SmartTrade web dashboard is […]

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Do Business the British Way

Maggi,  April 22, 2014

GBMAP In Britain, we’re famous for doing things the British way. We’re unhurried, calm people, and we take the time to think things through. We aren’t known for being fancy and flashy—we’re hardworking, honest people, and we value a good day’s work. If you’ve ever had French cuisine, you know that it’s all about presentation: […]

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Bet Your Credit Card Reader Doesn’t Do This!

Maggi,  April 10, 2014

You probably think your credit card reader or swiper is pretty slick, don’t you? It lets you take credit card payments from your mobile phone! But what else does it do? Sure, taking credit card payments while you’re on the move is great. But that’s only one small part of your job, and those credit card readers […]

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