Cheaper Transactions and New Payment Methods

That’s right, SimplyPayMe is about to undergo a comprehensive upgrade. Through a series of partnerships and almost an entire year of developments, we’re about to re-launch our application and website to offer our existing and new customers something never-before seen in the mobile payments space. Before I go in depth of what we’re offering, just […]

Starting a Small Business and Getting Paid

Start your business and get paid faster A lot goes into starting your own business. You need to get your equipment set up, your accounts in order, potentially registering with Company House (or the equivalent) – And this is all before you start getting paid! SmartTrade App takes a little bit of hassle out of […]

Getting Paid in 2017

The staple way to get paid as a small business has been the same for ages – As a trade person, you do the work, write up an invoice, send it and wait for the money to come in. Or if you’re selling a product, the buyer pays you and can then walk away with […]

Making small businesses more accessible with mobile card readers

These days, when you need to pay for something, you’re most likely going to open your wallet, pull out a card and slap it on or in the mobile card reader in front of you. This process has become second-nature to most of us. But when it comes to many small businesses – like tradespeople […]

Eliminate the Card Machine and Improve Cash Flow

You’ve heard it over and over again: your small business needs to take credit and debit cards. Most consumers pay with plastic, and many are even eschewing that for mobile payments, so you need to catch up. You think about investing in a credit card reader, but they’re pretty expensive . . . and it […]

Debit Transaction Cost Increasing By 6x!

From September 1st, Visa is planning to remove the interchange cap on debit cards. This means for certain businesses they will have to pay up to 6x more per transaction. Visa are removing their fixed rate cap of 50p, to a percentage value rate of 0.2% + 1p. This mean’s for a £5,000 transaction, the […]

Why your business NEEDS to take card payments…

Bank transfers are great. Right? You don’t need to pay any fees and you get your money instantly. Well…depending on how long it takes for your customer to pay your invoice. A study by The UK Cards Association stated that “Cards are the most popular payment method in the UK by value. They allow cardholders to pay […]

Setting Up a Small Business: Where to Start

So you’ve decided to start a small business. Fantastic! You have a great idea, maybe even a great name already picked out. But what comes next? What are the things you need to do to get off the ground? The process can vary greatly depending on the type of business, but there are a few steps […]

The True Cost of Taking Customers Cards at Shows!

We’ve researched the costs hiring Mobile Point of Sale Card Terminals and the several large card payment providers and in UK and found some shocking information about their pricing and the hidden fees for using their services. We will explore the truth about the pricing when it comes to accepting debit/ credit cards as a […]

The Advantages of Social Media for Business

The world of social media can be a scary place; should you be on Facebook, or Snapchat? Instagram, or Twitter? How often should you post? What should you talk about? These questions, and many others, keep a lot of small businesses off of social media. It’s intimidating, and it’s easier to not worry about it. […]

Thinking About Starting Your Own Business? You Should!

Research from the Centre for Entrepreneurs (CFE) has shown that despite improvement in the economy and more available jobs, people are still starting their own businesses. If you’re thinking about going into business for yourself, now’s the time! The CFE states that these statistics indicate a “cultural shift” in the UK economy, as people aren’t just […]

What Google’s New Update Means for Small Business Owners

Google changes its search algorithms all the time, and it’s pretty rare that small business owners need to take notice. But the latest change, put into effect last week, could be taking potential customers away from you. On 21 April, Google announced that not having a mobile-optimised website would hurt companies’ search rankings when users […]