15 Minutes With A Growth Consultant

Maggi,  September 9, 2016

Since SmartTrade App’s beginnings, we’ve worked closely with our customers to help improve their efficiency and maximise their growth. We work with small business owners all over the UK, from Plumbers and Electricians to Beauticians and Chauffeurs.

15 minutes with a growth consultant

SmartTrade App was built to help manage our customers payments, invoicing, quotes and accounting. Small businesses can now save money on card transactions by eliminating the need for a card reader and getting some of the best rates on the market. SmartTrade App also allows merchants to get paid over the phone through a virtual terminal, and get paid on time through emailed paylinks.

This took care of major small business pain points. Business owners can now focus on more important things, like growth.

As SmartTrade App is dedicated to encouraging growth and helping our customer base, we are giving all existing users a 15-minute free consultation with a Business Development Coach who will analyse your business and give you all the best tips and tricks.

Our consultants are experts in growth and marketing. They will provide you with valuable information on:

– Your website:

How to increase traffic

How to make your website more user-friendly

How to get your website up the search rankings

– Marketing:

Analysis on how your business is using social media + other marketing channels

How to gain followers on social media/ increase engagement

Email Marketing: How to build an email list, get awesome open rates and how to nurture a customer down a sales funnel


How to approach potential customers

How to close a sale – industry best practises

How to motivate your sales team and improve sales performance

+ any other business related topic.

Email into sales@smarttradeapp.com to request a consultation.

If you are not a SmartTrade App customer, you can still benefit from this by signing upĀ here.

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